Phenomenon Paradigm

History- The Things Which Thou Hast Seen

Present- The Things Which Are

Future- The Things Which Shall Be


New Weird Diseases Emerging in Animals
1/00 – Up to now, the concern has been confined to the newly evolving diseases facing humans. But scientists warn that animals face the same threat, due to the […]

God’s cure for Leprosy
Leprosy and Man’s Sinful Nature
2/28/17 – R
ed squirrels are carrying Leprosy bacteria, some even have symptoms […]

Signs and Wonders

The Three Wise Men Listened
Man Is Wise To Obey God’s Voice
12/98 – “Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there […]

Signs We’re in Last Hours – Iniquity Will Abound
The Craven Condition of the Modern World

7/30/14 – What was once abnormal behavior is now the norm, truth is tagged as prejudice and bigotry, […]

Image of sun with black spot

The Great and Terrible Day of The LORD
It Is Not The End Of The World, But…
2/17/17 – In July 2016 NASA spotted one of the largest black holes on the sun […]

Man’s Revolt

panton-hand-100x100What God says About Earth’s Future
3/28/15 – In 1992 the UN sponsored ‘Earth Summit’ in Rio de Janeiro, had caused a big stir around the earth when concerned […]

... TN State Fair: Pig | by ...We Need A Spiritual Transplant Instead
Pig Organs Closest To Unsaved Man
11/16/16 – Scientists are now trying feverishly to find a solution to what “they say” […]

Perilous Times

Modern Day Geishas with aTwist
Japanese School Girls Going West
9/27/16 – The Japanese Geisha culture has a long and tainted history. In the past […]

An Essay About True Love
The Anarchy of Self-will
Slanted, biased over-emphasis on the theory of evolution; the deification of self – these trends have ruined […]

Iniquity, Transgression and Sin
The prophet Daniel saw the end of sin and its sisters when prophesied at the time of Jesus’ arrival on earth Christ would make a finish to“the transgression, and to make […]

Sorcery of Drugs

DrugProhibition.jpgEquals Sorcery
Psychotherapeutic Drugs
One thing is certain. An extraordinarily evil took place in the suburban Houston, TX […]

Original (1024 × 768)Death of a Neighbor
6/6/16 –
The death of my neighbor’s daughter brought on by the results of drugs was very tragic, but what happened next […]

False Salvation

HB_Phenomenon_False Christs and Prophets_Idolatry_Matthew 24_ 1The Latest Not So Holy Grail
5/7/14 – Two Spanish researchers claim to have found the Holy Grail. The artifact in question is located in the San Isidro […]


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Signs and Wonders




Sorcery of Drugs

False Salvation